Through collaboration with our users and partners and guided by evidence, TEC Cymru is driven by the following objectives...

Increasing understanding and awareness of TEC

Bridging the gap between policy, strategy and funding TEC Cymru works with organisations across health and care to design and deliver services which can better meet user needs through technology. Through engagement and collaboration with our partners in health, social care, industry and academia, we advocate and demonstrate the benefits that TEC offers to deliver convenient care closer to home. 

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Deliver rapid, scalable and sustainable TEC

Taking an agile approach to scale services from pilot to national transformation, TEC Cymru seeks to coordinate programmes nationally for maximum benefit while emphasising that the delivery of transformation happens locally. Through its strategic programmes, TEC Cymru will source the right expertise and technology for high quality, safe and secure solutions while facilitating national business cases and procurements to deliver economies of scale. 

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Support cultural and behavioural change

Digital change requires supporting the workforce to be skilled, confident and motivated to use technology that offers a better alternative to the current way of doing things. TEC Cymru seeks to understand the barriers to inclusion and share learning through communities of practice and sharing resources. We will enable integrated working across sectors, driving and influencing change through user leadership and advocacy. 

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Provide the evidence base for learning and investment

TEC Cymru takes an evidence based approach, adopting a variety of research and evaluation methods to guide exploration, design, decisions and investment. We will publish and promote our findings to support excellence in research practice, fostering a culture of learning and fast failure.  

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