What is the NHS Wales Video Consultation Service?

Video consultations are appointments that take place between a patient and a health care professional over video, as opposed to face to face or over the telephone. They are often more convenient for patients, saving them time, money and reducing the stress of travelling to their appointments. 

Our Work...

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TEC Cymru in collaboration with partners established the NHS Wales Video Consultation Service which provided safer access to healthcare by reducing face-to-face contact.   The NHS Wales Video Consultation Service has been funded by Welsh Government and is delivered via a video consultation platform called ‘Attend Anywhere’.

Post pandemic the NHS Wales Video Consultation Service continues to demonstrate how it can improve services and outcomes for all, by providing better access to care in Wales.  The benefits of using video consultations include:

  • More flexibility and convenience.
  • Less stress and anxiety for patients and families.
  • Less travel which reduces carbon emissions, congestion and helps to improve air quality.

Check out our video to find out more about video consultations: