What is Telehealth?

Telehealth technologies allow service users to record and send information relating to their condition so that they can be treated remotely by a healthcare professional, which can enhance management, treatment and ongoing care.

This information can be collected from digital monitoring technologies and include measurements such as blood pressure, weight or blood oxygen saturation levels, which can help patients to better understand and manage their health and wellbeing.

Better access and visibility of this information, supports patients to build their understanding, and take an active role in their care, whilst also allowing services and professionals to improve planning, treatment and early intervention.

Our work...

TEC Cymru has recently established the Telehealth Programme, which will play an important role to drive the uptake, scaling and continuous improvement of Telehealth services in Wales. The Programme will work collaboratively across the health and social care system to build a vision and strategy that overcomes the challenges faced when adopting and scaling new technologies and ways of working.