It has come to light that some phones may rarely show people in reverse. If your consultation requires correct identification of left and right on the person please carry out the following procedure. Ask them to hold up anything with writing on that you can read. If you can read the writing normally they are orientated to you as if facing you in real life. If not their camera may have reversed them. This is the safest procedure to confirm this as patients may not know left from right easily or be left handed so relying on writing hand may not help.

As well as using the invite button discussed in the video. It is also now possible to admit two callers from the waiting area into the same call. This may be useful for instance if you have booked a translator or a family member also wishes to join. Simply ask both parties to log in to the waiting area. Answer the patient call and gain permission to admit the other party. The patient call will have commenced in a new browser tab. Go back to the original waiting area browser tab and select the other party to admit, click on them and select “add to call” you will then be asked to confirm that you are adding them to your existing call, confirm this and you will re-enter the call with both parties in the same way as using the invite button.

Putting patients and clients back into the waiting room and/or leaving family members to have a private discussion

During a call with a patient or client, including any calls where family members are present, if you click the red “End” button and select the option “Leave the call (just me)” this will take you out of the call and put the patient or client back into the waiting room where they can be answered again by yourself or another clinician. However if there are other people present on the call, like family members or a translator, they will also go back into the waiting room where they can be picked up again by yourself or another clinician, but the family members will stay together in the call where they can continue to have their own private discussion.

So this button does both of these things.

Consult Now - The Consult Now option allows a clinician to speak with a patient immediately via a video call. Please click on the link below on how to use the Consult Now feature.

Using the Consult Now feature within Attend Anywhere

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